Hire Long Term Car Rental Dubai Services to Meet Your Travel Needs in and Around UAE

Most of the people miss their vehicle when they are traveling abroad or had it sent to a garage for repair. Though taxis are available they cannot match to the convenience of having your car to travel anytime and anywhere. However, those who are visiting Dubai or locals who don’t have access to their cars need not worry about their travel needs as they can now simply hire a car of their choice from the long term car rental Dubai services for as long as they stay in and around Dubai. The car rental services offer a range of cars for rent whether for a day, week, and month or for long term lease to meet their client’s needs. As the car rental services offer vehicles of all ranges whether you want to pick up something that is luxurious or one that is in the mid-range or economy you can find vehicles suitable for all types of travel needs. You can go through the profile of the vehicles like the car type, no of passengers, door count, transmission type, air conditioned, unlimited mileage, and minimum driver age etc before choosing one for your requirement.
long term car lease

It is quite simple to avail the long term car rental services as they offer their cars to anyone who is above the age of 22 years and have a valid international or national driver license to drive the vehicle. One should also pay the deposit amount for the vehicle which shall be returned at the time of handing over the vehicle and complete all the other documentation to sign the contract for long term lease. They generally come up with terms and conditions like the vehicle should not be used for any other purpose other than road driving and damage or accident to the vehicle should be reported to the police and pay for the damages as agreed in the terms and conditions. By going through the terms and conditions you can understand how the car should be maintained in your possession and return it in the same condition to avoid any penalties and have your security deposit returned without any hassles.
Dubai car lease

The long term car hire is very much useful for those who stay for more than a month in Dubai either on business or personal work and would like to have a vehicle of their choice for their travel needs. For extra charges one can also avail special features like baby seat, GPS navigator, smart phone plus sim with GPS that comes very much handy driving in and around UAE.
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