Car Lease Allows You To Have A Car Of Your Choice To Meet All Your Travel Needs

Those who don’t have access to their cars for any reason in Dubai can find the car lease services as the best choice to hire a car of their choice to meet their travel needs. It is really difficult to rely on a taxi when your car is broken down or you are visiting a place to meet all your travel needs. Instead hiring a car for a day, week or even a month would offer you the flexibility to use the car just like your own to travel at your wish without any hassles. The Dubai car rental services offer a range of cars to suit the requirements of the clients. They offer cars for rental service in different categories like luxury vehicles, middle range cars and also economy cars to suit every customer need and budget. So you can find a vehicle of your choice without compromising on your comfort or status from the car hire services that can be used on a long term rent a car basis as long as you stay in UAE or have your car repaired or replaced.

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The terms and conditions to avail car lease services is also very much flexible as all you need is to be above 22 years of age with a valid driving license. You should deposit an amount to have access to the rental car that shall be returned at the time of handing over the car to the rental services. The car rentals are quite competitive and the cars come in the best condition where you can actually go through a detailed description and features of every car before making your decision. However, you are limited to use the car within the boundaries of UAE and the vehicle should not be used for any other purpose like off road driving, rallying, sports activities etc. The car should also be returned in the same condition as it has been handed to the client and any damage or repair during the rental period should be borne by the customer itself. However, there is also an insurance policy that you can go through before actually hiring the vehicle for your travel needs. You can also get additional features like baby seat, GPS navigation equipment, mobile SIM with GPS etc for additional cost. If you avail the long term car rental Dubai plan the car rental services also offer free pickup and drop off facility at the airports.
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